A full-fledged guide on Betfair payment and deposit methods

Betfair deposit in Pakistan

Perhaps many of you have heard about Betfair betting as one of the most reliable operators for placing and exchanging bets using a unique exchange.

Today, the bookie offers substantial odds, Betfair bitcoin deposit, and quite a variety of markets for sports events that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. The company has all the necessary licenses for bookmaking. This means that you can be sure of high-quality Betfair bitcoin deposit standards, especially when it comes to deposits security and storage.

Since 2000, the company annually showed record growth rates in terms of the number of rates and an increase in its customer base. Today, this bookmaker is one of the most reputable platforms in the UK market.

If you consider the bookmaker company as a promising choice for undergoing the registration procedure, then you definitely won’t be mistaken with the sign-up and Betfair deposit decision.

Before proceeding with the registration procedure, we offer you to study all the possible nuances in such matters as Betfair deposit and withdrawal of funds. After that, you can feel like a fish in the water, making an unlimited number of bets day and night.

Betfair payment methods

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Betfair payment methods guide to know

This betting company received a new round of fame and popularity due to the creation of a unique exchange platform that allows players to exchange bets and earn additional profit.

Thanks to a competent and thoughtful marketing policy, the company has significantly expanded its profile and has covered almost all the sports markets available today. A considerable number of options for real-time bets and access to online broadcasts from around the world speak for themselves.

Choosing one of the tools with which you want to replenish or withdraw funds from the account, you need to pay attention to a large number of nuances. The fact is that each of the payment instruments available on the bookmaker’s website has its limitations. For that reason, you should know it in advance so as not to find yourself in the hot seat. Let’s look at a payment tool, such as using a VISA or Maestro debit card.

Most likely, you are already aware that the Betfair minimum deposit is 5 $. However, what is the maximum deposit that a player can make with a debit Betfair MasterCard? Today, the company sets the maximum amount of 22,100 $ as the deposit limit.

This maximum applies to debit cards issued using the following services:

  • VISA.
  • Maestro.
  • MasterСard.

A distinctive feature of the transfer of funds to a deposit using a debit card is that all money transfers occur instantly. However, it is worth understanding some commission nuances unless you decide to replenish the deposit with a Betfair MasterCard. This being so, you will additionally need to pay a 1.5% commission.

Needless to say, this fact is very disappointing for many players who are used to applying a credit card for payments on the Internet.

When replenishing a deposit using a debit card, you need to know the following characteristics of this Betfair payment methods:

  • The term for transferring funds to the Betfair in Pakistan website is instant.
  • The maximum amount a player can replenish an account with a Betfair MasterCard card is 22,100 $.
  • When it comes to credit cards, this amount is also 22,100 $.
  • The commission for replenishing a debit card is 0%.
  • The commission for depositing a game account with a credit card is 1.5%.

The amount of time required for the procedure for transferring funds to the punter’s card is from 2 to 5 business days.

Betfair deposit methods

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Neteller and Skrill Betfair features to review today

Even though topping up an account using a debit or credit card is a very convenient and conventional way, the bulk of financial transactions is carried out using electronic wallets now.

Some of the most commonly used services are:

  • Skrill Betfair transfers.
  • Neteller.
  • Betfair Entropay
  • Paypal.
  • Betfair ecoPayz.

However, in this case, the maximum deposit is much larger than for debit cards. It is nothing more or less than 35 950 $. Nevertheless, each of the above methods has individual Betfair prices for the maximum amount for withdrawing money to the player’s account.

The main characteristics of making payments using e-wallets Betfair payment methods are:

  • Transaction processing when transferring funds to a player is carried out within 24 hours.
  • The maximum deposit for Skrill is 35,950 $.
  • Betfair minimum deposit for Skrill is 10 $.
  • When using the Neteller service, a player can replenish an account for 35950 $.
  • Betfair minimum deposit for Netteller is 12 $.

No matter which of the above methods of transferring funds you do prefer, the choice is yours.

However, if you are in doubt or have additional questions, feel free to contact the support service.

Betfair deposit

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Face top generous bonus after first Betfair deposit

Before making the Entropay Betfair payment for replenishing an account, make sure to use such an option as a promo code. Bear in mind that it must be specified during registration exclusively and before Entropay Betfair depositing.

Thus, the bookie will be able to add 100% to the amount of your first deposit and transfer it to your bonus account. To be able to claim such a generous Betfair money bonus, a player only needs to indicate the corresponding promo code when registering and carefully read Betfair deposit options T&C’s.

After that, you need to make a deposit and get the Betfair money bonus in the account. The maximum amount a player can receive when using the Betfair promo code is 144 $ bonus for free bets.

However, imagine what opportunities are opening up for you if, for example, you replenish your account with 110 $ and bingo! The bookmaker adds another 110 $ to your account! In fact, with this simple step, you are seamlessly able to double your chances of winning with Betfair money gift.

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Betfair money bets limitations in action

After you know how to make a deposit to your account, the next question that may have arisen in your head. What are the bet limits that are available on the bookmaker’s website today?

For those who did not know the bet limit is the maximum amount that a player can bet on a particular type of bet within a sporting event. A distinctive feature of this bookie is that to bet an amount that exceeds the indicated values ​​on the bookmaker’s website, the player must contact the support service and deposit with Betfair Entropay (or another Betfair deposit methods) the appropriate cash in your Betfair account.

However, in some sports, the maximum Betfair banking bet limit itself is incredibly high. If we are talking about such a game as football, then the upper limit of the bet can be up to 1 million $.

However, the limits often depend on the particular sport and the level of the championship that is being held. For example, if you plan to bet on the winner in one of the matches of the Premier League of England, then the maximum bank transfer limit of your bet will be 1 million $. Do not forget that each type of chance does not accidentally have a limit on the maximum amount that a player can confirm for a bet.

The less likely it is to guess the outcome of an event, the higher will be the limit that a player can afford. For example, such a sport as Formula 1 has the opportunity to accept a bet with a maximum value of 110,600 $. If you are a fan of a sport like boxing, then the maximum limit is 27,650 $. Do not forget that we are talking about single bets.

The restrictions will accordingly change, taking into account multiple bets. If you want to understand in more detail all the nuances and rules of Betfair ecoPayz depositing funds into your or maximum bet limits, then all of them are indicated in the official T&C’s of the bookmaker.Get a super bonus!

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How can I deposit my account? And what are the payment methods I can use in Pakistan? I’m looking for an instruction on the website but can’t find anything useful


To make a deposit into your account, you first have to register your card on Betfair. For this you need to open your Account Overview screen and select “account funds”. There you can add card details (up to 3 cards). As far as I know it’s their only payment method.


not true. they support bank transfers, paypal, e-wallets, western union, and cheques. you can request a full list of payment methods from the support service

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